Web Design and Development

Project Outsource Services understands the importance of a well-designed and well-developed website. We offer our web design and development services to clients based in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, North America, Canada, and the UK.

Why Website Design & Development?

The success of your business online highly depends on how your website looks. Good website design isn’t just about aesthetics – it helps you draw viewers in and reel them over to buy or use your products and services. If your website isn’t well-designed or developed, your chances of getting potential leads to your business will become non-existent.

But it’s not just about developing a good-looking website – there is some science behind it. And a good web designer and developer knows how to apply the science.

In short, your website’s appearance is going to make or break you. Make sure that the website you’re planning to create will help boost your business. And that’s what we at Project Outsource Services guarantee to deliver.

web development

Project Outsource Services has been in operation for more than five years, providing outsourcing business solutions to clients worldwide. We are based in the Philippines, a country full of talented outsourced experts and professionals. Our company aims to provide the best outsourcing business solutions to international companies – whether big or small – at a fraction of the cost. We offer several offshore services, including web design and development.

Website Design and Development Services

Develop your website as it should be and get the ROI you deserve. Below are our web design and development services we offer to our clients.

web design development

Web Design And Development

Want your business website custom-designed? Our offshore team of designers can help, from the layout down to the banners, infographics, and typography, to name a few.
wordpress development

WordPress Development

WordPress is the way to go when you want your website done faster and more SEO-effective. Our team can help convert your design to a fantastic WordPress website that runs well using any device, such as desktop, laptop, and mobile phone.
website management

Project Management

If you don't have time to oversee your website's progress, let our project manager do that for you. The project manager will supervise the website while it's still under construction, give you updates and reports, and will collaborate with the designers and developers to make sure that your website is well on its way.

You can choose between our two packages!



If what you need is a new website, then you can choose this. This package is consists of web developers and a project manager who will work on your website. You only need to pay per project.
Web Team

Dedicated Team

This package is what you're going to need if you need a team to look for your website once done. This package consists of a team manager, a web developer, a content expert, a graphic designer, and an SEO expert who can help make your website as dynamic as possible. If you need some updates on your website, your dedicated team will help you out.
sales increase

Sales Increase

The primary reason why a website needs to be designed according to what your target market wants to see is to attract potential leads and customers. Once you get the customer's attention, you're one step ahead of closing sales. A well-designed and well-developed website is a crucial factor in closing purchases and sales to your business.


SEO benefits
Technical Skills

Acquired Technical Skills

Filipino web designers and developers are a talented bunch. They're also very hardworking and dedicated to providing the services they need to deliver. For them, there's nothing more important than to achieve the best results for your business. They make sure that the website won't only be visually appealing, but it also has to be effective.
customer relation

Customer Relations

In any business outsourcing, it's essential to have good communication between local and offshore teams. Our designers are not just good at developing your website, but they also have excellent communication skills. That way, it would be much easier for you to understand them and relay the tasks you need.
brand awareness

Brand Booster

Your website represents your business online. Having a poorly designed website is like having a physical store with a messy front - nobody wants to go inside. With a team of web developers who knows the value of good branding, you can never go wrong with outsourcing your web design needs to us.
Visitor Retention

Visitor Retention

Making people visit your website is one thing. Making them stay is another. Your website should not only be aesthetically pleasing but should also be interactive and full of content. That way, your visitors would know more about your business and check out all the products and services you offer.
Are you looking for web design and development services? Please let us know through email so we can assess and start helping you with your business.