Sales and Marketing

Project Outsource Services is one of the leading providers of offshore sales and marketing services in the Philippines. We aim to support international companies in achieving the desired results without putting a hole in their pockets.

Why Sales and Marketing?

Most companies, regardless of size and kind, take the outsourcing route when they want to introduce a new product or when they want to expand to new locations and target markets. For most startups, they outsource because they want to focus their budget on core business tasks. But sales and marketing isn’t easy; it’s a cut-throat industry. One small mistake may lead up to the demise of a business. That’s why it’s a smart move to outsource your business to a company that has already proven itself.

sales and marketing

Our team consists of experienced and well-versed sales and marketing leaders who have up-to-date knowledge on how to attack each marketing process to accomplish your business goals. They also use the right tools to help them reach your goals faster and more cost-effective. With the right experts using the right tools, we can focus on creating sales strategies at a record rate and get sales revenue at its optimum.

Sales & Marketing Services

When it comes to sales and marketing, we at Project Outsource Services can help form a team of experts to create tailor-fit strategies for your business. If you have a more significant organization, you may need to outsource selling activities. However, if your company is a startup, you may need to outsource every sales function and task to help your business grow. Listed below are just some of the leading sales and marketing services we offer.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the first milestone of every sales process. Lead generation can be done online and offline, but since we are an offshore outsourcing company, we focus more on generating leads online.

Product Launch

Product Launch

Unfortunately, not all businesses get past product launching as they are doomed to fail because of the wrong strategies used. The good news is, our product launch services can guide you on how to launch your product the right way.

Planning and Strategy

Planning And Strategy

Every business needs a strategy. Outsourced sales planning is creating strategic sales and marketing plans to carefully and efficiently attract leads to doing business with you. Each project is designed with accurate data and analysis in mind.



Need someone to lead your sales team? Our sales management service can help you with that. Even if we are thousands of miles away from your location, our team can still effectively manage your local and virtual sales team members with ease.

If you can’t find the right sales and marketing services you’ve been looking for, please let us know. Please send us an email so we would be able to assess and adjust our services to your demands.