Back Office Support

Are you ready to make your back office more practical and cost-effective? It’s time to outsource your back office support roles to the Philippines. And we at Project Outsource Services can help you with that. Please email us here for more information.

Back Office Support in the Philippines

Businesses are getting wind of the advantages of back office support outsourcing. Lately, however, this so-called business secret is slowly coming to the surface, as more companies share the benefits of outsourcing back office roles. From increased efficiency and faster scalability, you can never go wrong with this route. If your local back office team is starting to feel the pressure of increased workload, then it is time to pass some of the Philippines’ duties. That way, you can keep up with the demand of a booming business without sacrificing the quality.

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What is Back Office Support?

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First, let’s define back office. There are two primary sets of departments; these are the front office and the back office. The front office pertains to operations that are on the front – or fronting the customers. On the other hand, the back office means business operations that can’t and shouldn’t be seen by customers and clients. Examples of back office departments are accounting and finance, sales and marketing, and HR, to name three.

A back office plays a significant role in the business. It serves as the company’s backbone, and its core functions keep the business afloat. And this is probably the reason why many companies were skeptical about moving back office support offshore. But, this is nothing to worry about if you know the right business outsourcing company you should partner with.

Our Back Office Support Services



The payroll is one of the most time-consuming tasks that also take much effort to do. To add, some would say that only big companies can benefit from outsourcing payroll support. But that isn't the case here - even startups can pass their payroll offshore.


Invoice Forms

Just like payroll, creating invoices is a tedious process. But with the right tools and the right professionals, this task of tracking invoices and sorting out payables is going to be a breeze.



Bookkeeping and taxation, to most of us, are an unexciting task yet essential to do and finish. And since this consumes much time to your local team, passing the job to an offshore accountant (who knows your local tax laws, of course) is the way to go.

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Human Resource Support

The best thing about today's technology is that it helps us look for the right people online and interview them without meeting in person. With our human resource support, you can find the perfect candidate for both your local and offshore branches.

it support

IT Support

IT Support and post-sales support is crucial to both your offshore and local offices. This makes sure that your business retains its technological functions and keeps customer retention intact. If you have a tech service company, you need someone who knows to diagnose tech support and issues to the average customer.

These are just some of the back office support services we provide. Let us know through email if you have other questions or needs.