How Do I Generate Leads Without A Website?
Photo by Amina Filkins in Pexels

How Do I Generate Leads Without A Website?

Oooff.. that’s a bit of a problem. In this day and age, a business needs a website to generate leads. Your website serves as your virtual storefront where potential customers can easily find you wherever, whenever. Without a website, you may find it hard to look for customers, especially when you don’t have enough marketing budget.

But just because it is difficult, it doesn’t mean it is impossible. You still can generate leads even when your business doesn’t have a website. You only need to be resourceful and creative to gain the customers’ attention online. Below are some ways on how to generate leads in the absence of a website.

Get A Free Website

There are many reasons why a business doesn’t have its own website. One of the reasons is that it takes a decent amount of money to create and maintain a website. If money is the problem, but you want to have your own, you can get a free website. Blogging platforms such as Wix and WordPress offer free websites to those who want to build their business online.

Bear in mind, however, that free website platforms can only give limited services. For one, you don’t own the URL/domain. Instead of, for example, the URL will show This may not do good because it doesn’t look professional, or customers may think you’re not taking your business website seriously.

Also, you don’t have full control of your website when it comes to design. So, when you get a free website platform, chances are your website design has a similar design somewhere else.

Bottom line, you can get a free website platform, but keep it temporary. When you have a free website, you can use it to promote your business in the beginning. Make sure to put a disclaimer somewhere on the home page that says “official website coming soon.”

Never Underestimate The Power Of Influence

If you don’t have the time or skills to put up and maintain a website – even it’s for free – you can ask for help from the local bloggers and influencers. If your business is located in a big city, then there are plenty of bloggers in the area who can create a decent write-up for you.

Most of these bloggers may ask for a professional fee, so be prepared to shell out some cash for payment. You may also need to allocate some items or services that you sell so that they can write or create a video about them. Lastly, some bloggers don’t sugarcoat their words. Prepare yourself because you may get a write-up with either positive or negative notes about your business.

Another thing to consider is the kind of bloggers you hire. You don’t need a party lifestyle blogger to write about your health and wellness class (unless they’re changing their lifestyle). Do some proper research first before reaching out to a few for collaborations or features.

Do A Social Media Campaign

Another way to generate leads without a website is to optimize the use of social media. Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts, among others, are useful tools in generating leads for your business. The best thing about social media is that these platforms are virtually free. All you need to pay for is if you want to have sponsored posts.

Speaking of sponsored posts, social media giants such as Facebook utilize algorithms to limit those who view your posts. So even if you have 10,000 followers, your posts will only be seen by probably 10% of that number. If you want to reach out to more people, then boosting your posts is the way to go.

Just like websites, you also need to update and post with consistency. And you also need to make sure that each post has something to do with your company, business, and brand. Otherwise, your potential customers may lose interest or not get what your business is about right away.

If you are serious about growing your social media following, you may want to hire a social media manager. Social media managers have the knowledge and skills to schedule, curate, and maintain your business page. When your pages are well put, you can get readers’ attention. You would also have more time to look after your business since managing social media pages is time-consuming and confusing to some.

Register To A B2B Platforms

Business to Business (B2B) platforms are becoming huge, especially nowadays when most people are bound to do online shopping. When you have products to sell, you can use any of these B2B platforms and publish a listing. You can also optimize customer knowledge by putting descriptions, titles, and more product information.

Do research on what is the most popular B2B platform in your area. When you already found one, take time to learn how to use it. You also need compelling content and photos so your products will draw more attention. When creating content is not really your forte, a copywriter can help you do the job.

In Conclusion

To generate leads without a website is possible. Although it is filled with obstacles and challenges, once you put hard work in it, then you’ll reap the rewards very soon. However, if this is something you don’t have time or map for, then a web developer can help. Web developers don’t just do web development. They can also design your website the way you want it to appear.