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What we do here in Project Outsource Services is essential yet straightforward: we provide excellent and highly talented Filipino workers to work for you from the Philippines. We dedicate our time and effort to provide you offshore staff, either full-time and part-time, who can help build your company and reach its potential. Rest assured that our pool of creative, hardworking, and professional Filipino workers are carefully selected to be a great asset to your company.

With Project Outsource Services, you can save time and money in the long run.


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With the help of our experts and the vast technology and resources at our disposal, we help our clients steer their core business processes, from Business Processing Outsourcing services like insurance, mortgage, and payment processing services to a wide variety of tailored IT and call center services. You can count on POS if you need a digital marketing agency, BPO Company, call center and support as well as other outsourcing services.Don’t have the deep pockets to build an in-house team or hire a specialized digital marketing agency or BPO Company? Take advantage of our services to build your own team and achieve more with far less!

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"Proficient and Skilled Manpower"

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"Low-cost Services"

Outsourcing businesses to the Philippines has become the more prevalent business strategy for international companies based in Australia, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, and North America. Below are the three primary reasons why companies opt for what we do here at Project Outsource Services:

Your Key To Success

key to success
  • Better Quality Output At Low Cost – Our team of Filipino online workers are competent and driven to bring out the best possible output each time. With that, companies would be able to get what needed to be done at very minimal costs.

  • Better Communication – Communication is critical in every company. Being away from your office, communicating with each other poses a challenge between you and the offshore workers. But that is not the case here in the Philippines. More than 60% of Filipinos can speak and write English perfectly – and the majority of them are in the workforce. When you outsource your business to the Philippines, the communication barrier will become a foreign concept.

  • Better Knowledge And Inclination Toward Western Culture – Filipino workers are very knowledgeable and well inclined to western culture, from business ethics to design. They know how businesses are done there, so they won’t feel alienated working for your company.

Our Exclusive Clients

We at Project Outsource Services take pride at what we do. Below are some of our clients we have the opportunity to work for and took advantage of our business outsourcing services.

Ocean Blue Fishing
Our SEO Specialist analyzing, reviewing and implement changes to our client’s website so they are optimized for search engines. This means maximizing the traffic to a site by improving page rank within search engines. He developed original content to include keyword or phrases that will increase traffic to a site. They also hired a Web Developer/ Designer who maintains and involved on any improvements required on the website.
Phoenix Fire Protection
We did some data entry work to keep up to date all the information of their existing customers and updating their database for the entry of their equipments
Renovate Local
We completed the development of their website and some data uploading work to advertise the information of their existing customers
Sheffield Group
They hired 3D Artist for rendering their existing products for the use of their marketing team.
Our development team redesigned and developed their new website to give new look and feel to bring more business. At the moment, we are on the development of their portal system for collaborate of their documents and automate their forms and related materials involved for every projects.
Inivos Hygiene Solutions
We did outbound calling in the UK for lead generation works in updating their old database and gather further information who replaced the primary contact person in the CRM of the client.